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Financial Options
Dr. Sheldon Sullivan and our team are committed to providing you with affordable treatments so that you can live free of pain and dental discomfort. To promote access to our services and help you find treatments that fit your budget, we bill your insurance claims and offer the following payment methods:

  • Medical insurance
  • Cash
  • Check
  • Credit card

We want you to feel fully confident about the care you receive. If you have any questions regarding financing or options for medical insurance, please contact our office. Our dentist and team are always happy to address your concerns.

Patient Questionnaire
If you experience frequent and severe facial or dental pain, poor sleep, or symptoms of bruxism, we invite you to receive answers to your concerns by filling out our sleep apnea questionnaire in the comfort of your own home. Please bring this questionnaire to Progressive Sleep & Wellness when you visit our dentist in Gilbert, Arizona, so that we can help you receive the proper treatment for your health condition. You are welcome to contact Dr. Sheldon Sullivan and our team if you have any questions.