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Research conducted by the National Sleep Foundation estimates that approximately 40 million Americans suffer from some degree of sleep apnea. Left untreated the breathing interruption caused by the soft palate can have an impact on the cardiovascular system. In time, it could promote high blood pressure, as well as increase your chances of suffering from heart disease and stroke.

If you’ve been struggling with chronic snoring, breathing interruption, or you have been suffering from poor quality sleep, you should consider having your sleep apnea professional diagnosed.

A case of severe sleep apnea might require you to sleep with positive air pressure device known as a CPAP machine. However, mild to moderate sleep apnea symptoms can often be mitigated by using a night guard prescribed by the orthodontic specialists at Progressive Sleep & Wellness

Mandibular advancement devices are very popular. They are available in several different styles and designs. Most of them attach to your teeth in some way and most incorporate some sort of hinge. They are designed to hold your mouth and soft palate in the ideal position to allow easy passage of air. This can reduce snoring problems and breathing interruptions when sleeping.

If you live in the Gilbert, Arizona area and you have been struggling with sleep apnea symptoms, you should call 866-54-SLEEP to explore the sleep guard options available at Dr. Sheldon Sullivan’s orthodontic clinic.